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Watch on your Smart TV

Watch on your TV using
Smart IPTV App
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for your pleasure.

Watch using devices on your TV

Use a device such as
Android TV Box
Apple TV
Enigma2 Box
Mag Box
connected to your TV.

Watch using your Computer

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Why you should choose Top TV for your service

We have been in the business for many years now, with a combined total of 8 years experience.  We provide top-notch streams, and an unrivalled customer support service.

With our different packages to choose from, there is something that will fit your needs and requirements.

  • There are Over 5,000 Ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly*.
  • We have up to 40,000 Movies & TV Shows (VOD) increasing all the time*.
  • No More Expensive Cable Bills.
  • Our IPTV Service is has a high uptime (less chance of disruption)!
  • Solid IPTV Service, no buffering or freezing (Stable Internet Required).
  • 100% Satisfaction.
  • Best Price on the Market.
  • Customer Service that is second to none.

Ultra-Reliable with Ultra-Fast Setup

Our excellent Sales & Customer service team are available to help you out with any issues or queries you may have.  No matter where you are in the world, we are always on hand have you setup in no time at all!  We always aim to get your orders sorted and any responses to queries back to you, within a maximum of 8 hours.

Ultra-Block Free with SmartSwitch

Enjoy the pleasure of not having to purchase a VPN when using the LTQ App with our advanced Built-in-VPN – SmartSwitch. SmartSwitch provides you an alternative high tech solution which is super easy to active, whatsmore, it’s completely free!

Get Channels From All The Countries Around The World!

With our World package, you can have access to channels from all over the world.  This includes UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Romania, South Africa, Italia, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vietnam, Albania, Portugal, Greece, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Middle Eastern Arabic countries and many others.

Or, you can stick with the UK and sports channels, but using our UK or Budget packages!

Video on Demand (VoD)

VoD, an abbreviation of Video on Demand, is a feature of IPTV by which users can watch series episodes and movies from their home. This service provides flexible options for the customers such as fast-forwarding, rewinding, and pausing the program just like a DVD player.

Customers can select their favourite programs from a wide range of VoD’s  from their purchased VoD subscription, which comes with an IPTV subscription. Since the VoD’s can be classified into different categories, users can easily find their preferred programs.

Depending on the service you purchase, we have a range of VoD options available.  These range from between 3,000 videos and over 40,000 videos.